Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Toys my children ACTUALLY play with.

Just kidding.... kinda of. This was definitely M's favorite toy of the week. :)

My ACTUAL toy spotlighted this week is also not a toy. I want to preface this post with the fact that I am not affiliated with the company in anyway nor am I being compensated for my post or opinion. This just happens to be a product that my son loves and I wanted to share it in case it would be popular in your house too. Also, I would like to say that when it comes to kids' apparel we are usually very frugal. About 70% of the boys' clothes are hand-me-downs. I usually just buy new for special occasions or if it is really THAT cute. :) We are very lucky to have older cousins that are very generous.

On to the post... D is a HUGE, I mean HUGE, dinosaur fanatic. My husband found these shoes online and wanted to buy them for D as a gift for starting preschool. Since we have purchased these shoes, you will rarely see D's feet without them. They are made by a company called Dinosoles.

Welcome to Dinosoles - Home of dinosaur kids shoes & DinoGear dinosaur clothing!

I wanted to put a picture of the exact pair of shoes that D has (and this is) but the only one available was small and hard to see. D picked out the T-Rex with flashing red eyes. The picture of the T-Rex is 3-D and the soles have an imprint of a dinosaur foot. To see a better picture and the other options of shoes and sandals, go to the link above.

3D T-Rex Low Top Black with LightsTrexLT.jpg

1. They make D very happy.
2. They are apparently comfortable. D is not one to grin and bear it. He would tell me if they bothered him.
3. The decorations are very durable and so far (3 months later) the shoes still look brand new.

I can't talk D into wearing other shoes. They look kind of funny with his church clothes. :)

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  1. I'm so glad to see you putting something that is not a toy cause I'm wanting to do something that isn't technically a toy today as well.

    (And my son would agree with the large boxes. Whenever we've got a large box we've unboxed stuff from, it becomes his favorite toy until it gets too beat up and we send it out to the trash -- which means he is having a ball this next week and i might just do a box next week! (though next Thursday is Thanksgiving. Hrm).

    My in-laws are sending us a flat screen TV, which will come in a big box.

  2. Boxes are awesome. We have two right now that are a house or market stalls depending on the day. I love that photo of him in the box!

  3. We love boxes here as well - excellent open-ended toy. Those dino shoes look really very neat.

  4. A box, ball of yarn, and bubble wrap were our favorite toys this week. :)

  5. I think every kid loves boxes. Those shoes do look cool, but every time I get "expensive" shoes my kids outgrow them in a week. Crazy.

  6. $39.99 isn't too bad. My daughter has really picky feet and her shoes are $50! Yikes!

    LOL about him wearing them to church.

  7. :( I don;t think I'm getting mine up before the Linky closes. Going to do this next week, with Thanksgiving and all?

  8. Oops. I ended up at the auto repair with plenty of time to post after all!


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