Friday, November 27, 2009

Nativity scene magnets

I bought these Nativity scene magnets from a catalog that my neighbor's daughter was selling out of to raise money for the marching band. I did not have high expectations, but D loves them. They actually have tiny numbers (up to 25) on them so that you can put one on the fridge each day until Christmas. We are just using them to talk about the story of Jesus's birth. I am currently looking for a simplified (3 year old level) Christmas eve story in Spanish so that we can "act" it out with our magnets. If you are interested in finding them, I saw a set at Hobby Lobby yesterday for $13.00.


  1. Cute magnets!
    If you find a 3 year old level story in English, let me know! Right now B thinks Baby Jesus is coming to our house on Christmas to celebrate his birthday. =) Maybe the magnets or felt board characters would help him.

  2. So cute Adriana!!! Me encantan!!

  3. So heading to Hobby Lobby tomorrow to find those.

  4. i need to go to hobby lobby and look for some as well! adorable!!


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