Friday, November 27, 2009

Let the countdown begin!... Almost

I just realized YESTERDAY that if I am going to get our count down to Christmas activities going on December 1st I only have a couple of days left. Where did the time go?

Last year D and I did a paper chain in Christmas colors to help him understand when Christmas day would arrive. This year since he is a little older and much wiser, I wanted to do something a little different. I can not take credit for the idea. I found a printable here. I thought that it would be way to small, however, so I redrew it on a larger piece of paper. I also mixed up the numbers so that they are not in order. D can identify 1-10 easily but gets confused with the numbers beyond. The idea is very simple. You simply place a piece of cottonball on the beard of Santa to cover the appropriate number until you reach #25.

After I finished the Santa calendar, I remembered that I have two children and nothing for M to do. Just kidding, I know that I have two children. I just keep forgetting that M is not a little baby anymore and he is capable and willing to participate. Since naptime was about over I had to whip up something quick. This Christmas tree was what I came up with. M obviously does not know his numbers yet so I will have D help him find them and we will put a different colored circle (an ornament) to cover each number. I will make a star to put on the #25.

To see what some very creative mommies are doing to get ready for Christmas check out The Adventures of Bear, The Land of Pleasant Living, Our Worldwide Classroom, and The Fifth Street Place.


  1. Both ideas are great. I might make a Santa countdown for Santa too - thanks for sharing the printable.

  2. I think these ideas will make counting down to Christmas so much fun! Thanks for linking to me.

    I forget, how old is your youngest?

  3. Both of these are great ideas! Dawson is still too young to even understand Christmas, but I think I might still make us something to countdown with too. He'll have fun looking at it at least. :-D

  4. Hi There!

    We got your comment on our last Advent post and wanted to let you know we've added this post to tomorrow's Advent Calendars, Part 2 post.

  5. Cute! This is my first yr making one! it was fun and makes me stick to what I've written!


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