Saturday, November 21, 2009

Coming up.....

I know that we are all going to be VERY busy this week, so for my own organization purposes I would like to share a few of my plans for the coming week.

1. D is obviously turkey-crafted-out! We tried to make a paper plate turkey yesterday and well, you will have to come back on Monday to find out what happened to the poor little guy.

2. I am going to do a post on some GREAT blog carnivals with MckLinkys. If you haven't emailed me yet, let me know this weekend if you would like to be added to the list.

3. I am going to post my Toys my children ACTUALLY play with post on Wednesday morning since Thursday is going to be CRAZY busy. I will be posting about stocking stuffer sized toys that my children play with. You can stick to that theme or post about any toy as usual.

4. I plan to take a couple of days off from posting during the week. Instead, I plan to do some updating on blog. I need to update my blog roll, add some of the great buttons from my favorite blogs, add a little more organization, etc. I am very open to suggestions!

5. Don't forget to enter to win the $25 Amazon gift card. Check out the ways to get additional entries below.

Additional entries:
2. Follow my blog and leave a comment so that I know that you do. If you are already a follower (Thank you!) please leave a comment telling me so.

3. You will receive TWO more entries if you write a post on your blog about a toy that your child actually plays with and link it up to one of my Thursday post by November 27th. (If you have already linked to me in the past 6 weeks, I will automatically give you 2 entries for each post that you have entered.)

4. You will receive TWO more entries if you blog about this contest and link back to this post. Leave a comment so that I know that you did.

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  1. Oooh can't wait to see your stocking stuffer ideas! Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy your week!


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