Monday, November 9, 2009

Playing with Our Food- Leftover Halloween Candy

We had a TON of fun doing activities this week with our leftover Halloween candy.
1. We sorted Smarties by color.
2. We made Candy Art.
3. We made a Cell Phone using Smarties.
4. We found out which candy floats.

Today we played a simple game by tossing the candy into a pumpkin bucket. (I still haven't put away all of our Halloween decorations:)

I found some other blogs with great ideas of what to do with leftover Halloween candy. Check them out.
Silly Eagle Books
Walking by the Way here and here.

In researching ideas of what to do with our leftover Halloween candy, I came across TONS of fun crafts, activities, and science projects to do using food. Since D had so much fun with all of the candy projects, I have decided that we need to spend more time playing with our food. Every Tuesday I am going to post a craft, activity, or science project that we did the week before with a different type of food. For my own planning, organizational, and shopping purposes, I am going to pick a theme for each week. Feel free to join in with the same theme or just let me know what you did during the week to play with your food. :)

November 10th- Leftover Halloween Candy
November 17th- Gourds and/or pumpkins
November 24th- Corn
December 1st- Sugar cookies
December 8th- Candy Canes or any Christmas candy
December 15th- Gingerbread
December 22th- Christmas Break
December 29th- Anything goes

Would you like to participate in Playing with your Food? Feel free to link up a post that you did using your leftover Halloween candy or any other fun food-related post. It can be a new post or an old post.


  1. What super ideas! I'm embarrassed to say we've just been eating our halloween candy. :) I love these ideas, and we still have plenty left to do some of them - thanks!

  2. I'll post what we did in a few days, hopefully. We'll see.

  3. What inventive ideas, I wish I had though of them. But what is this leftover candy you speak of? There is no such thing :) I'll try to play along in the following weeks.

  4. Hi Adriana

    I love it, using food as a source of inspiration for crafty activities. You are going to have so much fun, we will link up when we can. Your Christmas themed foods sound like so much fun and I am really looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    Thank you for kindly linking me to your sink or float experiment. I'm glad that you were able to find an activity from there. I like the way you set out your chart to record your observations.

  5. I think the "which candy floats" idea is brilliant! I definitely need to start doing something with our leftover candy besides eating it...

  6. I love what you did here how awsome, the ceel phone is my favorite ... and candy is food :) so you linked up for the right thing!


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