Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Toys my children ACTUALLY play with.

Today's post is a simple list of the things that I am planning to buy (or found around the house) for my boys' stockings. I do not like to spend a ton on Christmas stockings (or Christmas presents for that matter.) One of the most wonderful things about preschoolers and toddlers is that they are thrilled with a few simple (even useful) items. Even though stocking aren't necessary, I remember them being one of my favorite parts of Christmas morning. All of my stocking choices are cheap or free.

1. Cool bandaids. (Probably Transformers)
2. Play-doh (Either homemade or store-bought)
3. Bubble bath (I rarely buy this so the boys will be very excited.)
4. Cool underwear (Again, Transformers. I am going to discuss how I feel about my son's obsession with Transformers in an upcoming post.)
5. New set of watercolor paint
6. Rubber ducky (We have had this tradition the last couple of years. So far the boys have a Fireman Duck, a Pirate Duck, and a Baby Duck. These are some of their favorite toys in the bath.)
7. Stickers
8. Small board books (Dollar Section at Target)
9. Chocolate/ Candy Cane
10. Craft scissors (The kind that makes the zig-zags)
11. Small flashlight (Found it in the garage)
12. Two Beenie Baby animales that I had saved from when I was younger. (The boys have never seen them.)
13. Bubbles (Left over from the summer. I like to use them in the bathroom during bathtime in the winter.)
14. Misc. things found around the house (Like plastic dinosaurs and dinosaur tatoos left over from last year's birthday parties.)

Do you do Christmas stockings? What are you putting in your child's stocking?
Please leave a comment below. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your families!!

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  1. Those are all great ideas! Thank you! I'm writing them down now. =)

  2. Wow - your stocking must be gigantic! JK - we do stockings too. So far I have a magnifying glass and a Care Bear puzzle - both from $1 store. Probably a new computer game or a movie will make it there as well.

  3. Mine's not a stocking stuffer, hope that's OK.... I love the Target Dollar section! You can also find really cool things at Dollar Tree if you have one. Michael's also has little ceramic ornaments they can paint for $1 (cute!) only 50 cents if you have the coupon!

  4. Your boys are going to have so much fun with their pressies they find in their Christmas stockings.

    We do have Christmas stockings and so far all I have organised for them is bits and pieces from the craft stores and creative projects. New paints, pens, etc are also included. I will also buy some puzzles and am yet to organise some other goodies.

    I like your fun ideas.

  5. We do stockings but I have no idea what will go in them this year! So I'm glad you've put up this list that I can get ideas from!


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