Monday, November 23, 2009

My Sick Boys :(

Well, both of the boys are sick. :( I finally got them to bed but I am planning on a long night and an even longer day tomorrow. So...... no post tomorrow. I will be posting the Toys post on Wednesday since I have already finished it. Be sure to link up to get your extra entries since the $25 Amazon Gift Card giveaway is almost over.

I would like to add a couple of Great MckLinkys (or is it MckLinkies? I guess it doesn't matter since it isn't a real word anyways:) that I neglected to mention.

1. Nicole at Tired, Need Sleep just started a blog carnival called The Art Box. The idea is that you give your child a box full of materials and let them create whatever their little heart desires. I love any activity that encourages creativity. Check out my post yesterday to find out what happened to our poor paper plate turkey when D was given free reign of the craft closet.

2. CraftsNThings for Children is hosting a MckLinky open this week only to share your best Thanksgiving activities, crafts, etc.

To see a list of more Great MckLinkys, click here. Did I forget any? Please leave a comment!


  1. Take it easy and try and get some rest yourself.

  2. Oh, sorry they are sick - that's so hard! I hope they get better soon, and sleep well (so important, isn't it?). Take care!!

  3. Oh no! Hope they feel better tomorrow. Thanks for mentioning my post and for sharing your links :)

  4. lamento que esten sad!! Descansen, duerman y sobre todo que mejoren muy prontito!!!!


  5. que lastima! both of my guys have developed a cough--i'm hoping that it's nothing serious!

  6. I love the new jacket your blog is wearing.

  7. I hope they feel better soon! Don't forget to get lots of sleep yourself, you don't want to get sick after they get better.


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